Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Time for Bed

Well, we are here! For many of you the last day of school and the beginning of a wonderful summer! I hope you have many wonderful summer plans with family and friends, but as we discussed last week…let’s make reading a GREAT part of your vacation. I’m sure your schools have given you a summer reading packet, and as I said, libraries have many wonderful programs. Here in Medina County, the libraries are unfolding the “DREAM BIG READ” Summer Reading Game for all children birth to grade three, also a section for kids grades 4 – 6, and “OWN THE NIGHT” for teens to participate. Please visit www.mcdl.info for more information, or your local branch because it REALLY sounds like fun!

And, to give you some great books to start off, why not pick up these from your favorite bookstore or your local library? The Goodnight Train by June Sobel is a wonderful choice for early readers on a parent’s comfy lap, Time for Bed by Mem Fox & Jane Dyer will expose you to one of the best kids authors ever. For teens (come on, you KNOW you want to keep your brain sharp this summer!) why not try Dreaming Anastasia: A Novel of Love, Magic, and the Power of Dreams by Joy Preble. Because these books both have to do with the NIGHT and DREAMS, they will be a PERFECT start to your summer reading program. Did I mention there’s also prizes involved…

Take Care!

Miss Lisa

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