Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Roald Dahl

Well my jungle buddies, here we are the first week of September! What a rainy day outside this week! But, that’s the wonderful thing about books: you can always read and enjoy the rain pattering outside, with a nice blanket, maybe a snack…

This month, we are going to be talking about someone very special. The month of September is a set aside for a very special author named Roald Dahl, and we are going to meet him this month through his wonderful books! What’s that, you say? “Miss Lisa, I don’t know who this is.” Well guess what? If you’ve seen the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” or “Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory” you have, because his wonderful book named Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the inspiration for both of these great funny movies.

But the great thing about Roald Dahl, is he has written so many great books, we will be able to take the month and feature his works. For example, did you know that the story of Charlie and the Choclate Factory doesn’t end there? You can read all about it in his book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. It is a wonderful easy reading chapter book for elementary grade children (or some wonderful parent or caregiver who would like to read it aloud, and when you are finished you can watch the movie with a snack…like maybe…you guessed it! Chocolate bars! Read it aloud a little bit a night with the whole family, and get a glimpse into this wonderful man and all his creative stories! Have a great week!


Miss Lisa

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