Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Roald Dahl, part 2

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to another edition of Miss Lisa’s Column! Have you started the month of September off with some GREAT books? I certainly hope so. Great books begin with great authors, and remember last week we talked about Roald Dahl, as September is “Roald Dahl Month” in the book world, so this week I want to give you some more AWESOME recommendations from his works.

I hope you got a chance to check out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was the inspiration for two great movies; he had an awesome imagination and great opinions. For example, did you know that he has a lot to say about things that are not only sweet, as in Charlie, but also things that are very, very BIG! James and the Giant Peach is a great chapter book for learning readers, the story about a boy, a giant peach, and something we love here in the rainforest…BUGS! Go on an adventure with James to see the world as it is.

Also, The B.F.G. (I will leave the reader to figure out what that stands for!) deals with the idea of something BIG—you will love how Roald Dahl creates a wonderful world where big things happen. Read it aloud with family or friends!

So, grab some fruit (like maybe a peach?) and find a nice spot, take a journey in either of these wonderful books. And, we would love to hear all about what you are reading next time you visit us here at Amazone! Have a great week!


Miss Lisa

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