Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Memorial Day

Hello my friends, and hello from the jungle here at Amazone! Well, here we are at another holiday weekend…Memorial Day on Monday, and many families are doing special things. I heard that the weather is going to be fantastic this weekend, so many of you might be having cookouts, going camping, spending time in the park, etc.

As this weekend approaches, I wanted to give you a little history about the day, because Memorial Day is SO much more than another holiday! Celebrating it actually goes back approximately 150 years, and before Memorial Day it was called “Decoration Day.” The reason? Well, during America’s Civil War, families of fallen soldiers chose this day to remember their loved who served in the armed forces, put flowers on the graves, and make this day special. Then, the idea of Memorial Day came about, and some families use the opportunity to not only remember their soldier, but get together and picnic and “catch up” as a family, through reunions, etc.

So, of course to get all the fun facts and see what families around America do to celebrate this special day, check out these great BOOKS! The Wall by Eve Bunting and Ronald Himmler, Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Martin Golding and America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven are AWESOME and easy to read for your whole family…why not discuss them together? It will give you a new found respect and joy when thinking about all those who sacrificed to make our country free.

Take care friends, and Happy Memorial Day!


Miss Lisa

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