Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Leo Lionni

Hello everyone! Here’s to hoping that you are enjoying your SUMMER, not forgetting to make READING a great part of it! There are so many good books written by FANTASTIC authors…and authors are the faces behind wonderful stories. Today in our book recommendations I want to suggest reads from one author…his name is Leo Lionni.

Leo lived from 1910 to 1999, and believe it or not he first was known as a respected painter in Italy before coming to the United States and working as an Art Director. As I said, I admire him because he not only WROTE his stories, he also ILLUSTRATED them, which means drew all the pictures for every page! He was the first illustrator to use COLLAGE as the main medium for his illustrations. So, here are MY top favorites, and I hope they will also become yours:

    Frederick by Leo Lionni (Preschool through Beginning Readers) While all the mice in the abandoned barn started gathering food for the winter, their brother Frederick had a plan all his own! This is beautifully illustrated and really charming!
    Swimmy by Leo Lionni (Toddler lapsit through Beginning Readers) When a happy little school of fish are disturbed by the larger fish, Swimmy finds himself all alone in the great wonder that is the ocean. Join him as he sees marvelous creatures and figures out how to best the BIGGEST fish.
    It’s Mine! By Leo Lionni (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is the story of three frogs on Rainbow Island…all having ONE common problem! See how they learn one of the most important lessons of all; a great recommendation for little ones that need to learn the art of sharing.

Hope you enjoy these stories today!

Miss Lisa

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