Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Hooray for School

Hello from vines of the Amazone jungle! I hope all my grade school friends enjoyed the hilarity of the Black Lagoon series recommended last week. All my storytime friends are talking about one thing…school, school, school! Most of you I have talked with are REALLY excited to go back! Your supplies are purchased, some new clothing items and a backpack, and you have great expectations of a wonderful new year.

Yesterday, however, I was introduced to a preschool friend of mine who wasn’t quite sure what to expect about his upcoming preschool adventure. We talked about everything they would learn, all the fun activities they would take part in, all the new friends he would make, and then across my “electric” desk I received a wonderful recommendation that is PERFECT for our preschool and early reader friends. Not only that, but this is a great example of a Kindle Book that can come right to your device or computer. Hooray for School by Casey Berna (Author, Illustrator) and Matthew McNamara (Illustrator) is not only a charming “chantable” story with vibrant illustrations and easy text, your preschooler will enjoy sitting in your lap and making this an inspirational “cheer” for the school year. Make it your family’s own!

School is a wonderful adventure for your child, from preschool to high school, and I’m sure you will find this book a wonderful tool in your arsenal, as well as a great way to launch your child into reading. And they can enjoy it on your eReader device or computer again, and again, and again…

Till next time friends!

Miss Lisa

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