Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Frogs

Good morning, everyone! The jungle is teeming with so many different species of animals, plants, insects…oh the bugs, the bugs, the bugs! Did you know that we need bugs? Yes, I know you may be thinking, “That is crazy!” But it’s true. Although, we don’t need so MANY bugs, so in the rainforest we have some wonderful friends to help keep the bug population down so we are not overrun, and in my own American backyard, some of them are making an appearance now that the weather is nice! Do you know what I’m referring to? I’ll give you three clues: 1. They’re green and brown, but in other parts of the world can be MANY different colors; 2. Their young start off in water and end up on land; and 3. Their long tongues are helpful when it’s time to “snatch” up breakfast. Have you guessed it?

If you guessed our friend the frog, you are correct! Here in the jungle and at home in your yard there are many different kinds of frogs, and not only are they fun to watch, but they are important! Without them, the bugs would be TOO many to count. Have you ever seen a frog hopping by? Now, many of you may have heard the stories, “If you touch them, you’ll get warts!” “If you kiss one (yuch!) it will turn into a prince!” Why not read some great books to help you learn the frog’s REAL story! There are so many interesting frogs!

Check out From Tadpole to Frog by Wendy Pfeffer, or the funny book Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs by Carmela LaVigna Coyle. Or, if you would like to hear about one of our great frogs in the jungle, check out Red Eye Tree Frog by Joy Cowley. This book contains wonderful pictures about this frog, how he spends his day (and night) and some of the other wonderful creatures in the rainforest. By the way, if you see a frog in your yard, read one of these books to him and congratulate him on doing a good job in our environment!

Have a great week friends! Remember, get outside, and READ!

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