Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Bunny

Wonderful changes coming up in our “neck of the woods” friends, as we approach the first day of Spring! Can you believe our winter (mild though it was in Northeast Ohio) is coming to a close? I can see the leaves of the daffodil and iris poking up out of the ground, spotted a yellow crocus in the yard (it’s amazing a deer didn’t come by and eat it!), green all around, and warmer temperatures. Snow will change to rain, plants will start to bloom, maybe we can fit a visit to our favorite park or walking trail! And when walkways are clear enough for the bicycles to come out…look out!

There are some wonderful stories about spring that I love to read each year! Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Garth Williams (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is one of my favorites to read EVERY spring, and you will love it as well! View the changes in the weather from the perspective of a sweet brown bunny, and he is looking for a home of his own! It won’t be long before we will see our neighborhood wild animals coming out from their winter hiding places, birds from southern locations to start their families, and bunny travels from place to place, looking for HIS place and meeting spring friends along the way!

Oliver’s Tree by Kit Chase (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is a story of three friends who loved to play outside! But climbing trees was hard for Oliver the Elephant, who wanted SO badly to be like his friends! See how they create a wonderful surprise that they ALL can enjoy! A truly sweet tale of friends working together.

Bunny My Honey by Anita Jeram (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) What happens when playing outside goes a little wrong? Join Bunny my Honey and his friends as they go through the joys, and the perils of spring—of course with the happiest of endings. Beautifully illustrated and versed.

Take a springtime walk to your local bookstore or library and check out all of these spring finds! Read them with your family, indoors or outdoors, and enjoy this time of year!

Till next time,

Miss Lisa

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