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Q. Do you offer free WiFi?

A. Yes we do. We are a Zoom Hot Spot!


Q. What security do you have?

A. Just like the park, you are responsible for keeping an eye on your own child. But we do have 3 emergency exits in the front, besides the front door, and 3 in the back. The 3 front doors are all locked, but have a lever you pull to get out quickly. They sound an alarm when opened, so children can’t leave unnoticed. Also, we have an employee stationed at the front door so children can’t leave unattended. When you purchase your admissions, you will be given a security slip that will correspond to numbers on your child’s wristband, so they will not be able to leave without the adult that has the security slip.


Q. Do we need a reservation to play laser tag?

A. You do not need to make a reservation in advance unless you have a large group (20 or more) or are reserving a party package. We have games starting every 20 minutes, so there is never a long wait.

Q. How tall do you have to be to play laser tag?

A. You need to be at least 42″ tall to play laser tag.

Q. How long are laser tag games?

A. Laser tag games are 20 minutes door to door that includes briefing (getting instructions), putting on the vests, approximately 14 minutes of playing time, and then taking off the vests.


Q. Why do kids have to wear socks in the playground?

A. Just as it is not allowed to go barefoot in stores and restaurants, it is not allowed at Amazone. This is for cleanliness purposes. But you cannot wear shoes in the playground to protect the surfaces. If you forget socks, we have them for sale for $1 + tax per pair, and you get to take them home.

Q. What is the toddler rule?

A. Children that are 1 and 2 years old have their own playground area, the toddler playground. As they get closer to 3 years of age, they start to want to go into the big playground, which is for children 3 years and older. If your toddler wants to go into the big playground, we do not stop them, but they must be accompanied by an adult. There are some places inside the playground that they will have trouble reaching. This is for their safety.

Q. How long is playground admission good for?

A. Once you purchase a wristband for the playground, you can stay until we close for the day.


Q. What is your party booking policy?

A. All of our party packages include the paper products, and a host to run the party for you.  We include 2 pieces of pizza or 2 hot dogs and unlimited fountain drinks.  You do not need to worry about what the kids want to eat in advance, we will ask them the day of the party.  Playground admission is unlimited for the day, so if you have a party package that includes playground admission, the guests may stay and play longer if they would like, even though you have to vacate the party room. We will call you the Tuesday before your party to confirm all of the details and find out how many you are expecting.  If you reserved for more than 30 people, we will call you two weeks before your party to confirm.  The number that you give us on that day is the least amount of guests that we will charge you for.  If we are unable to reach you, then we will charge for the number of guests that you originally reserved for.  Since we are reserving space, staffing, and ordering food based on the number that you confirm that you are expecting, we have to charge for this number of guests.  If you have a few extra arrive, we will accommodate those and add the cost to the party.  We will not guarantee that we can accommodate many additional unconfirmed guests, as we will open up any available space for other parties to reserve.  In return for paying for the missing guests, we will provide you with the tokens of the missing guests to use whenever you like, the additional food, and admission passes for you to use at a later date. If your party is playing laser tag, it is not guaranteed that your group will be the only one playing.  There may be others playing at the same time as your party. A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking.  That is completely refundable up to 7 days before your party if you need to cancel.  If you cancel any later than that, it is nonrefundable.  If you need to change dates, your deposit stays with your party.  Your deposit applies to the cost of your party.

Q. Why do we have to pay for the amount of guests that we confirm for, even if they do not show up?

A. We give our parties plenty of time to get their RSVP’s and to find out how many are actually attending. The Tuesday before the party we call to find out the actual number of guests. We then hold the appropriate amount of space, order the food, and staff for the size of your party. If you started with inviting 30 kids, but only 10 RSVP that they are coming, we have a chance to book a party in the room that the shrunken party opens up. If we hold the space, order the food, and staff for a large party, we need to charge for the number of guests we are expecting. To make up for any that do not attend that you were expecting, we give you their food and tokens, and passes for admissions that you can use at a later time.

Q. Can we rent the party room without doing a party package?

A. All of the party rooms are available for no additional charge with a party package. They are not available to rent without the party package. We require a $50 deposit to reserve the party. It is completely refundable up to 7 days before the party, but is non-refundable after that. For large groups we may require a larger deposit. We reserve the amount of space you will be using based on the number of people that will be in the party room because fire code requires us to stick to occupancy codes, and we cannot exceed certain occupancy limits on each party room. If your party has a lot of adults, we have to open an additional room to accommodate them, but that would not allow us to reserve that space for another party. Also, most of the adults that attend would like to eat with the party also, so we have special pricing for them.


Q. We are coming with a group, do you have special pricing?

A. We have group rates for groups of 20 or more. Call us to get more information.


Q. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A. Yes. You can purchase a gift certificate at our facility, or you can call us at 330-764-4237. We will mail gift certificates per your instructions.

Q. How much does it cost to get into Amazone?

A. It doesn’t cost anything to get into Amazone, you pay for what you want to do when you get here. We have two different events-playground or laser tag. Cost for admission to these activities are listed on their respective pages from the menu at the top. You can spend as much as you want in the arcade; there are machines to put your money in to get tokens. You can also purchase food if you like, our snack bar menu is available from the menu to the left.


Q. Can we bring food in?

A. Call us about our birthday cake policy.

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