Miss Lisa’s Book Reveiw – Deer

Good day everyone! In fact, GREAT days to come now that SPRING has arrived! I am so excited to go outside and see the sun, daffodils, tulips, lilacs, hyacinths, budding leaves, and GREEN everywhere! It shows us that winter is done, and new life in all ways starts over again in our part of the world. So, it won’t surprise you that the ANIMALS are back as well, coming out from winter hiding places or flying north to make their home AND plan their families! I love this time of year, because we see baby ducklings, goslings, bunnies, squirrels, and…baby deers!

Deer mating season comes in the spring as it does for many other woodland animals. But, what you may not know is WHAT momma does with that little fawn until he or she can run by her side and forage for food. Believe it or not, she often hides them by YOUR homes! Yes! It’s crazy, I know, but that is JUST what happened to us last year, in my flower garden, and out back by our woodpile. We have a family of deer, and the mother had a baby. In order to keep her baby protected, early in the morning she will “hide” the baby in a secluded area for the entire day. Baby lays VERY quietly until night time, yes the WHOLE day, when momma comes back and gets them, feeds them, and they spend the night together.

One day when I was working in my flower bed, I saw a baby deer under our tall tiger lily bush. It was SO CUTE! So, I went online to see what it was doing there, AND what I should do, because no matter HOW cute they are, you should NEVER touch a wild animal for any reason. Here is what I found out:

    Do not go near the baby or touch it in any way. Deer have a strong sense of smell, and if momma smells a human on her baby she may not come back for it, and the baby may die from lack of mother’s milk and care.
    Do not attempt to chase them out of the area. Usually they do not hide the same place every day, and if they are somewhere else often momma can’t find them.
    They may look like they are sick or just laying there helpless and need you to do something, but DON’T! They usually are quiet and still because they don’t want to be discovered.

In the Light of the Moon by Stephanie Show (Toddlers and Preschoolers) a darling tale about a momma deer and her baby, as she explains the spring time routine for all new animals by the light of the moon. Very sweet pictures as well!

Deer Babies! Photography by Donald M. Jones (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) through charming rhymes, the baby’s life is explained through lovely photography, as well as enjoying some really DARLING little ones!


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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Bunny

Wonderful changes coming up in our “neck of the woods” friends, as we approach the first day of Spring! Can you believe our winter (mild though it was in Northeast Ohio) is coming to a close? I can see the leaves of the daffodil and iris poking up out of the ground, spotted a yellow crocus in the yard (it’s amazing a deer didn’t come by and eat it!), green all around, and warmer temperatures. Snow will change to rain, plants will start to bloom, maybe we can fit a visit to our favorite park or walking trail! And when walkways are clear enough for the bicycles to come out…look out!

There are some wonderful stories about spring that I love to read each year! Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Garth Williams (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is one of my favorites to read EVERY spring, and you will love it as well! View the changes in the weather from the perspective of a sweet brown bunny, and he is looking for a home of his own! It won’t be long before we will see our neighborhood wild animals coming out from their winter hiding places, birds from southern locations to start their families, and bunny travels from place to place, looking for HIS place and meeting spring friends along the way!

Oliver’s Tree by Kit Chase (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is a story of three friends who loved to play outside! But climbing trees was hard for Oliver the Elephant, who wanted SO badly to be like his friends! See how they create a wonderful surprise that they ALL can enjoy! A truly sweet tale of friends working together.

Bunny My Honey by Anita Jeram (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) What happens when playing outside goes a little wrong? Join Bunny my Honey and his friends as they go through the joys, and the perils of spring—of course with the happiest of endings. Beautifully illustrated and versed.

Take a springtime walk to your local bookstore or library and check out all of these spring finds! Read them with your family, indoors or outdoors, and enjoy this time of year!

Till next time,

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Dr. Suess

Well here we are in the month of March, friends, and not too far away from spring! I can’t wait for the buds on trees, birds singing as they build their nests, I even wonder if, like last year, I find a little baby deer in my flower bed waiting for mommy to pick them up at the end of the day! But, before we hasten ahead, I want to take a column to note a VERY special birthday, and that is one of a BELOVED author which I am sure all of you know. Of course, I am talking about Theodor Seuss Geisel, the one and only Dr. Suess! March 2, 1904 was the day of his birth, so in March we should always take time to reflect on his life and works. So many favorites! So many! Maybe you can take some time with your family to go to the library and check out some of his famous ones, like:

    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
    The Cat in the Hat
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (We LOVE that one!)
    Green Eggs and Ham

All of the above appropriate for Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers! That list doesn’t even BARELY touch all the books he penned over his lifetime.

Some of his favorite stories I love are found in his collected works, like:The Sneetches and Other Stories (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) EVERY one of the stories contained in this book: The Sneetches, The Zax, Too Many Daves, and probably my ALL TIME favorite “What Was I Scared Of?” (Tthe hilarious tale of a child and a pair of “pale green pants with nobody inside them.”) will have you reading this over and over and over again.

So don’t let another day go by without checking some of these out, OR maybe you have them already at home, bring them out for the whole family to enjoy—next to a homemade plate of green eggs and ham perhaps?

Till next time,

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – A Weed is a Flower

Welcome friends, continuing with African American themes as we celebrate this history month every February, there are SO many fantastic people to choose from. We have mentioned that there are many amazing inventors, but I want to spend a little time today highlighting a few special people. I would be REMISS not to mention, perhaps, one of the most well known African American Inventors George Washington Carver. His contributions are so far reaching, and you won’t believe what he used for many of his findings!

A Weed is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver (Elementary Grade Readers) step into the life of this amazing man. Born a slave, ended his life a noted researcher WELL RESPECTED in every agricultural and scientific community. His career spanned over almost fifty years.

George Washington Carver, The Peanut Wizard by Laura Driscoll (Elementary Grade Chapter Readers) dig into all the world of Annie Marcus, a girl who is just nuts about peanut butter! For a school report, she open the world of the famous George Washington Carver, and his unbelievable studies around this simple little nut!

We celebrate our accomplishments, because all of these wonderful people like Carver helped make America the great nation that it is, giving SO MUCH through what they did over their lives—so let’s take this last week to honor them, before we “Spring in” to March next week!

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Christmas 2016

“It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS, everywhere you go! Take a look at the five and ten, caroling once again…” Yes, we are into the season everyone, and here at Amazone we have a nice jungle canopy that you can jump, slide, and climb into for your holiday off of school. So join us!

I am sure by now your tree is up, decorations are all over the house, and the excitement is building! It is a beautiful time to GIVE and SHARE with family, friends and neighbors, there is SO much we can do to make the season special. And, you know one of the things that I am going to recommend the most! Yes, INCLUDE SOME WONDERFUL BOOKS!

So, in honor of “setting up” for Christmas, here are some delightful stories designed to get you in the holiday mood, because they are all ABOUT characters getting into the holiday mood!

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) this is an absolute MUST READ! The hilarious story takes you through one tree, and how many people benefit from it in the strangest ways! It keeps going, and going, and you will never want this story to end!

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree (Beginning and Elementary Grade Readers) lovely illustrations and verse will take you through the Christmas season through the perspective of the many trees in the grove, just waiting to be chosen! One tree, taller than the others, is hoping and hoping—go with him through his journey to find a home!

The Littlest Christmas Tree by R. A. Herman (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) I don’t know what size your tree is, but even the littlest of trees wants a home! In companion to the story The Littlest Pumpkin (same author) with only five days till Christmas, all little tree wants is for someone to take him home, decorate him and sing his favorite song, “OH Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,” does he get his wish! Find out in this sweet story.

Many more books to recommend in the weeks to follow, friends, to join me to keep reading alive in your homes this Christmas!

Miss Lisa

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