Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Leo Lionni

Hello everyone! Here’s to hoping that you are enjoying your SUMMER, not forgetting to make READING a great part of it! There are so many good books written by FANTASTIC authors…and authors are the faces behind wonderful stories. Today in our book recommendations I want to suggest reads from one author…his name is Leo Lionni.

Leo lived from 1910 to 1999, and believe it or not he first was known as a respected painter in Italy before coming to the United States and working as an Art Director. As I said, I admire him because he not only WROTE his stories, he also ILLUSTRATED them, which means drew all the pictures for every page! He was the first illustrator to use COLLAGE as the main medium for his illustrations. So, here are MY top favorites, and I hope they will also become yours:

    Frederick by Leo Lionni (Preschool through Beginning Readers) While all the mice in the abandoned barn started gathering food for the winter, their brother Frederick had a plan all his own! This is beautifully illustrated and really charming!
    Swimmy by Leo Lionni (Toddler lapsit through Beginning Readers) When a happy little school of fish are disturbed by the larger fish, Swimmy finds himself all alone in the great wonder that is the ocean. Join him as he sees marvelous creatures and figures out how to best the BIGGEST fish.
    It’s Mine! By Leo Lionni (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) This is the story of three frogs on Rainbow Island…all having ONE common problem! See how they learn one of the most important lessons of all; a great recommendation for little ones that need to learn the art of sharing.

Hope you enjoy these stories today!

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Love

Good day, friends, and it is a great day here in the jungle of Amazone! We love being the area’s largest indoor play land with arcades, food, laser tag…so much to do and see! We have thoroughly enjoyed everyone coming in with their FRIENDS and FAMILY to have a good time together! You know, great things can happen when two get together; so in honor of “The Power of Two” I have three WONDERFUL stories I am featuring this week in all my storytimes that you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

Duck and Goose by Tad Hills (Toddler lapsit stories through Beginning Readers) What happens when something GIANT just shows up? Well, if you’re Duck and Goose, it leads to all sorts of HILARIOUS antics and misunderstandings! But in the end, friendship wins the day. This is just the first of other Duck and Goose adventures written by this fun loving author.

    Love Matters Most by Mij Kelly and Gerry Turley (Toddler lapsit through Elementary Readers) I think a story about POLAR BEARS will cool us down in hot July, and you won’t find a sweeter tale than that of Polar Bear, who braves a fierce snowstorm, leaving the safety of her cave for…you’ll have to READ it to find out! But every page will keep you guessing along the way.
    Arabella Miller’s Tiny Caterpillar by Clare Jarrett (Preschool through Elementary Grade Readers) We’ve seen these tiny critters all over town in summer, perhaps you’ve seen them too? But when Arabella Miller takes one home…amazing changes take place. A lovely story of one of the miracles of summer with darling illustrations you won’t want to miss. And, a sweeping, rhyming set of lines make this story almost musical.

So check one or all of these out today! And don’t forget to add them to YOUR Summer Reading Program; you will be so GLAD you did!

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Summer Reading

Now that we are almost into the official start of summer, and as I discussed last week many local library Summer Reading Programs are starting, I want to offer some suggestions. This way, we have a GREAT summer of reading all year long! You might be thinking, “Miss Lisa, I’m in! But what SERIES of books can I read that would carry me on an adventure? I like stories that continue with the same people, when I meet characters I like, I want to read ALL SORTS of stories about them!” Or, If you are a parent, “What collection of books could I read with my child that would let us travel into another world, so to speak?” I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!! Here are my summer reading recommendations, one for every age group:

    For our tots and preschoolers, who are made great readers on YOUR laps, parents, First Library Sesame Street by Editors of Publications International is a must. They are colorful, characters your little ones may already know, and will provide hours of enjoyment, because you know at this age they want you to read them over, and over again. Have your older siblings get in on the process for some family building!
    For our Kindergartners, Dogs Galore, Puppies, and More! 25 Tail Waggin’ Stories about Dogs and Puppies by Uncle Amon will give you a daily dose of reading skills in a most creative way—talking about man’s best friend.
    For our beginning readers (1-3 grade) Judy Moody Book Series by Megan McDonald is a must. These are funny, created, and wholesome tales of Judy, one even titled Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer!
    For those of you who are in grades 4 – 6, I can’t think of better than the Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. You will be mesmerized from the first page, and it may even take you through the entire summer.
    For our teens, consider the Divergent Book Series by Veronica Roth. Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four are already proving their worth at the box office, so why not check them out page for page today? You WONT BE SORRY!

So, grab one or all, and plan for a great reading with much summer fun!

Take care,

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – Library Card Game

Hello friends and welcome to the month of JUNE which is just right around the corner! Yes, in three short weeks we will officially enter the season of SUMMER, and school is already out for most of you. The big question is: How will you be spending YOUR summer? Are you planning family vacations, time with friends, day trips, stay at home or go to the park excursions? The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your ideas, I hope there is one that you will continue to use all summer long. It’s fun, your imagination can run wild, and the best part is it is absolutely FREE! Yes of course I am talking about your local library! Do you have one in your community? I’m sure many of you do, and I wonder if you have ever stepped inside and checked it out? There are so many fantastic programs all year long, great books, crafts, independent play areas, a great CHILDREN’S SECTION (Where I pick up a lot of my stories each week for Storytime!) AND, one of the most amazing things of all, is they have a SUMMER READING PROGRAM where you can continue to sharpen your mind, imagination, AND have great incentives to boot!

So, here’s how they usually work: You go to your favorite section based on your age, and they will have a GAME CARD with picture icons on it based on the theme for the year. They usually start in JUNE and have to be completed by the first week of AUGUST, and you cross off icons for every leg of reading you do. Our program is one picture for every 20 minutes that you are read to or you read yourself! So, if you come to my storytimes each week, that’s SIX pictures you can cross off each month just for attending! (30 min x 4 weeks =120 / 20 = 6) For every ten pictures you cross off (there are 30 total on the card) you go to the library and receive a prize! It doesn’t get any better than that!

I will be going tomorrow to pick out MY game card, and so will my kids! Check it out and let it carry you through the summer- TRUST ME you won’t be disappointed!

Miss Lisa

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Miss Lisa’s Book Review – NBA Conference Games

Even though we are a week from Memorial Day’s holiday, this is also a fun time for basketball lovers! Whether you live close to the Eastern Seaboard or the Western, it is time for the NBA Conference games—Cleveland’s own beloved Cavaliers vs. the Boston Celtics, and The San Antonio Spurs vs. the Golden State Warriors. Every playoff night in our house we are staying up late, hoping to see one more in the win column for our favorite. Which team are you rooting for? If you live in Cleveland, it should be no mystery!

And because that is where Miss Lisa hails from, I want to tie in some wonderful books that YOU can read and see where amazing players such as LeBron James got their start:
The Boy Who Became King by Anthony Curcio (Beginning and Elementary Readers) have you ever wondered what he did when he was YOUR age? Find out in this best selling read as you see how HIS coaches and family helped him find his place in the game of basketball. An inspiring story with nice illustrations and stats.

Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James: Who is Better? The Children’s Book by John Emerson (Elementary Grade and Middle School Readers) I am NOT trying to predict the conference outcomes, but being a Cleveland fan born and raised, I could not HELP including this one! You will laugh and be inspired by both these great guys at the same time. A MUST check out for sure!

Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream by Deloris Jordan, Roslyn M. Jordan, Kadir Nelson (Beginning and Elementary Grade Readers) To stay in neutral territory, this is the story of legendary Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan—I’m sure you’ve heard of him! How did he live, how did he grow up, learn how his parents stepped in to give him what he would really need to become a champion—beyond basketball skill.
Well, I hope you will take out some of these tales while you are watching the rest of the NBA finals in your house!
Miss Lisa

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